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Belly bar from “SoragDoor” – because countless customers are not wrong

There are two main reasons why we assemble bars. The first reason is the safety of the residents of the house, especially children, and the second reason is protection against thieves and burglars. A belly grill is a grill with a belly, it is far from the wall and in the space created between the grill and the wall you can place planters, flower pots or other decorative objects. The company “Surgador” is the leading company in Israel in the installation of bars, railings and metal constructions. The extensive experience, knowledge and professional and dedicated service are the secret of success. Countless customers have purchased bars from the “Surgador” company, they will be happy to recommend the company.

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Belly bar – tips and good advice for a successful purchase

When we buy a belly grill we must check that we are buying a galvanized belly grill. The galvanizing process prevents corrosion and rust. A belly grill that is not galvanized may crumble over the years and pose a danger.

It is important to buy a belly grill that has been painted with quality paint. High-quality painting gives the iron protection against corrosion and moisture. Painting in the oven, for example, as cars are painted, is a higher quality and more expensive painting, but it will last for many years. The color will not fade or peel and the grill will not crumble.

Buy bars only with an Israeli standard mark. Bars also have a standard and there are strict instructions, but, unfortunately for many, the standard is only a non-binding recommendation. A standard mark indicates that you bought a safety belly grill. The standard character refers to the allowed spaces between bars and the desired thickness of the bars.

Don’t give up responsibility. A craftsman who believes in the quality of his product, will not hesitate to give a guarantee. At “Surgador” we provide a warranty on every product.

The type of grating must be adapted to the purpose. If you are looking for a belly grill to protect against burglaries, it is important to choose a strong belly grill with thick bars that will deter thieves and burglars. The recommended thickness is between twelve millimeters and fourteen millimeters. It is better to buy a belly grill with square bars since the round bars are easier to saw.

A designed belly grill – both beautiful and safe

Today you can find a belly bar in a variety of colors and patterns. You can adjust the grill to the exterior design of the house as well as to the interior design.

A designed belly grill is a design item and adds grace and beauty anywhere. In the past bars gave the feeling of a prison, but not anymore! At the company “Surgador” we offer a large selection of bars designed with different decorations and unique styles.

A belly grill can be a simple grill, several metal rods connected to them, and it can be a grill designed from curved metal rods in different patterns and special shapes that add ornament to any window. The connections between the rods are also in a variety of shapes, geometric shapes, round, square grids, shapes of leaves, flowers, clouds, and even animal or human figures.

A molded belly grill is usually made of the iron material. The iron material is a convenient material for design, it is easy to bend and weld it. Bars made of other materials such as aluminum or steel are straight bars and not shaped.

Belly bar for a children’s room

Belly grill is the most popular grill for children’s rooms. On the gap between the wall bars you can place planters, games, blankets for ventilation and more. In many homes you see small children sitting on the belly bars, it is important to warn that sitting on the bars is dangerous!

Belly grill for children is designed with a selection of patterns that children love, flowers, stars, clouds and more

“SoragDoor” bars – because quality and safety must not be compromised

√ Countless satisfied customers have chosen SoragDoor as the leading company in the installation of bars.

√ At SoragDoor company, all bars are manufactured from high-quality raw materials and according to the guidelines of the Israel Safety Institute.

√ SoragDoor company offers quality bars at attractive prices.

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