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    About SoragDoor

    ``SoragDoor`` is the leading manufacturer in the field of bars in all parts of the country, stairs, railings, aluminum and metal constructions.

    High Quality, Reliable and Professional

    Thousands of satisfied customers thank ``SoragDoor`` for the quality products, the professional service, the personal treatment and the attractive prices.

    SoragDoor Iron and Aluminum Industries

    Thousands of customers have chosen ``SoragDoor`` products, all of them are satisfied, and everyone will be happy to recommend SoragDoor. In SoragDoor they are committed to meeting the schedule. SoragDoor provides a warranty for every product.

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    Over 12 years of experience

    The twelve years of experience, the professional staff that regularly undergoes training and further education, the latest and latest equipment and countless satisfied customers have placed ``SoragDoor`` at the top of the list of favorites.

    Our Specialties

    In SoragDoor, even the most ``simple`` product gives a luxurious and impressive look thanks to the high-quality equipment, the modern work methods and the high-quality and precise level of finish.


    Already in ancient times, man insisted on the need to install a railing for the stairs to provide safety, prevent falls and trips. Handrails for stairs have a safety function, but they also have a design effect on the space where they are placed.


    Doors are used to open and close various entrances. The doors have a symbolic meaning, they provide protection and are also a design statement. They are the first point exposed to the guest upon coming to the house or entering it.

    All types of Bars

    Bars have long become a must-have product in every home. A grate protects us from burglars and keeps our children from falling. The bars come in a variety of shades, shapes and special designs.

    Aluminum SorgaDoor

    Execution of all types of aluminum works by experts of the SoragDoor team. Doors, windows, closing balconies and also, railings combined with glass.

    Designed Gates

    When we buy a new house, or build one and even if we live in an apartment complex, a gate is a commodity that must be checked. The gateway helps us maintain our privacy.


    Constructions and insurance protection for the expansion of balconies, balconies on columns and also stairs.

    From Recent Projects

    SoragDoor carry out a wide variety of projects in the field of iron and aluminum. We will be happy to be at your service in your next project
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    Aluminum Pergolas

                                   Aluminum pergolas can be opened and adjusted [...]

    Straight bars


    Belly knits


    Barrel bars


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    We provide service to a wide range of businesses, public institutions, shops and also private customers.

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