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Railing – when safety and beauty meet

A railing has many functions. First, the railing is a means designed to provide security and stability. On top of that, a railing is also used as a design element. Therefore, when you choose a railing, it is important to combine safety with a designed, aesthetic and impressive appearance. “Surgador” company is a leader in the field of handrails. The many years of experience have given the company knowledge and skill on how to produce a safety railing without giving up a designed railing that will contribute beauty and grace to any space where it is placed.

Obligation to build a railing in Judaism

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 22, the Torah commands to build a railing. “For you shall build a new house and make a railing for your roof, and you shall not put blood in your house, because what falls from it will fall.”

The Rambam, in a later period, also repeats the commandment and the importance of building a railing. It is the duty of a person to build a railing, says the Rambam, so that they can lean on it and not fall.

Rambam specifies the dimensions of the railing and the places where we must build a railing. The height of the railing will not be less than ten taps, about eighty centimeters, and it is obligatory to build a railing around the roofs, around the pits and around any place that may pose a danger of falling.

When and why do you need a railing?

A railing is used by us for support and security, to prevent falling and to help anyone who has difficulty walking. We use a railing when we go up a flight of stairs, at home, in a public institution, in a business and anywhere.

A railing is used by us to create separation in the spaces of the house.

A railing around a swimming pool is used for safety and keeps people from falling into the pool.

A railing prevents access to dangerous places such as a staircase in a house where there are small children and more.

A railing on the balcony of the house prevents falls and disasters.

A handrail along a winding path will help walkers walk steadily without fear of tripping or falling.

Different types of railings

The world of railings contains a multitude of types both in terms of materials and styles.

A designed railing is a very modern railing, it allows endless designs. It is suitable for high-tech offices, hotels, business houses and also for private houses that wish to give the house a special, modern and contemporary style.

An iron railing is a special railing. The iron material is easy to hammer and weld, so it is possible to make a railing in special patterns and original styles from the iron. There are iron craftsmen who produce spectacular and special railings.

A railing combined with glass is usually combined with stainless steel or any other metal. A glass railing is suitable for balconies with a special view since it does not hide the view. A glass railing is a modern, special and safe railing.

How to choose a railing

√ It is important to choose high-quality raw materials so that it lasts for many years. It is important to check that the railing you have chosen is resistant to corrosion and rust. If you have chosen a metal railing, it is important to make sure that the metal has gone through a galvanization process that protects it from rust and disintegration.

√ The railing must be adapted to the style of the home design. The design of railings for the interior of the house is different from the railings installed in the front of the house, such as a railing for the balcony, a railing for the walkway, and more. The railing has a considerable design effect on the appearance of the house inside and out.

√ It’s the little details that make the difference. It is important to choose a railing with a perfect finishing level. Before you choose a railing, you are invited to contact the “Surgador” company and be impressed by the abundance of samples, the quality of the work and the high level of finish.

√ Don’t forget to ask for a warranty.

√ Conduct a market survey and compare prices, but remember that price is not the main parameter in choosing a railing. Many times we find out, too late, that the cheapest is the most expensive!

√ Contact the “Surgador” company, a free consultation!

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